IOS Upgrades
Please do not upgrade your IOS version during an active project. We take great care to pre-empt problems with upgrades but it can take weeks or even months before IOS bugs are identified and addressed by Apple.

You can find answers to almost any question in the user manual, available on this site to download as a PDF and keep in your iBooks. If you can't find the information you are looking for in the user manual, please get in touch with us directly using the contact page. Below are a few pointers that willhelp you to get the best out of the app.

Hints and tips

Backing up
The joy of creating your continuity file digitally is knowing that it is safe and easily transferable. This is only possible if you back-up (we tell you how in the user guide). You won’t regret it. I promise it only takes 5 minutes. Back up. Always back up. Number one tip: back up. Please back up.
Creating a master sheet

if you are revisiting a set several times throughout a shoot, or if you have a character that frequently wears the same costume, hair or make up, make your life easier by creating a sheet without scene, story day or photo data but containing all the relevant notes. Because it is empty of photos it will copy quickly. Call this your master sheet and copy it before adding photos and scene numbers when you’ve shot a scene.

Keep your iPad clean and tidy

If you want to use your iPad for continuity it’s in your interests to keep it clear and tidy. Allowing huge swathes of photos to build up in your camera roll and imported photos, and keeping old continuity projects in the app will use up valuable memory and prevent everything running quickly and smoothly. It is really noticeable that the app works more freely in newer, faster iPads…so if it’s something you hope to do long term it’s worth thinking about investing in a higher end model. I say that as a make up designer and app developer and not a representative from apple!

Keep your photographs safe

Keep your photos in several places/
Personally I choose to take my continuity pictures on a digital camera and import them onto the iPad using a camera connection kit, then I import them into the app using the ‘add photo’ option. This means that should the worst happen and my iPad is lost with a project I’ve forgotten to back up, at least all my photographs are still safe on an SD card. Alternatively taking them with the iPad’s camera and then importing them into the app from the camera roll adds at least one extra layer of security for your photographs. For example, if you take several incorrectly in one sheet, they can’t be split off and redistributed. So having images on the camera roll too gives you greater flexibility

Setting up your project on multiple iPads

If you have multiple iPads on your team, create the project first on one. Leave the project empty, export it to file in iTunes and save it on your laptop. Plug in the other iPads and ‘add’ the project via iTunes. Open the app and import the project from file- now you are all working on the same file. To update and sync your projects without losing data, follow these steps:

1.Treat the original iPad as the master file. One at a time export the other files and save them on your computer via iTunes. Give them different names ie. project X iPadA.mcup (or project X ipadB.ccp, .adp etc)

2.Plug in the master iPad and ‘add’ each of these projects.

3.Import from file and select ‘merge’ ALWAYS SELECT MERGE otherwise you will replace what you have with the new data, rather than simply adding the extra sheets.

4.Now export this to file in iTunes and save it as project X master.mcup or similar

5.From here you can import onto the other iPads if you wish.

Alternatively, if you have frequent access to good wifi, you can export to file with airdrop and send all of the data from the extra iPads to the master this way. Again ALWAYS SELECT MERGE rather than replace. As you go on and your project size increases this process will take longer and longer, and will potentially be something you need to leave overnight. Internet speed means apps are still incapable of uploading and downloading large files containing pictures quickly, so transferring files via iTunes using a cable will always prove the quicker and safer option. Please see the user guide for precise instructions on how to use airdrop and transfer projects via iTunes